Posting Schedule Update

Hi Everyone-

Janine here  with another posting schedule update.  I will be taking a  couple weeks off from posting  due to  Little Mermaid Tech Week approaching.

3/21   Under The Sea and  Black The Color   Of My True Love’s Hair

The entry on  Under The Sea is going to be  on my Theatre Is My Life  blog

3/28  Take The  A-Train and Ticket To Ride

Janine  on two week posting Hiatus for Little Mermaid Tech Week

4/11 The Whistling Gypsy

4/18  2 Poems Of Emily Dickinson & Danny Boy

4.25  I Want The Good Times Back and Cerf Volant

May 3rd  Margaritaville Matt    SVC Showcase audition analysis

Due to being too busy with  Little Mermaid  Sonya Amanda and I  decided not to do the Showcase audition.  I will be analyzing a song from last year’s showcase in place of Someday We’ll Be Together.


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