Take The “A” Train

As we begin spring, it’s good that most places in New England are becoming more green with less snow since we’ve been having warmer temperatures. We were fortunate not to have the snow that New York city got. It’s where you could go anywhere anytime in the city that never sleeps, by a number of different modes of transportation. One of the most popular is by subway, and that relates to the next song from our chorus that I would like to describe.

The song is called Take The A Train. It was written during the glory days of jazz music, and composed by Duke Ellington, after he met a shy delivery boy from Philadelphia named Billy Strayhorn. His thoughts about taking the subway to get to East Harlem inspired him to write this music piece. Their friendship and love of jazz combined gave them the courage from this song, because the A Train was known of all the subway rails in New York City to be at the bottom of the pack.

The song itself has a mixture of harmony and rhythm combined into a festive piece with scatting. It’s a little hard when the song is going at a fast pace, especially with the scat in the middle, but it’s sound fun once you can blend your own voice with the rest of the chorus. I found even though I am still learning how to sing the scat, I can feel good when I can sing next to the bass section.


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