Ticket to Ride

I am only 32 years old but I suppose you could call me an old soul since I am a huge fan of the Beatles.  I credit my friends in college who had a Beatles Cover Band  JFJ  (their names are  Jimmy Ford and Jake)  for introducing me to the music of The Beatles.    I think that  so far this semester my favorite song we are singing in chorus has been the Ticket To Ride Beatles  Medley which includes Ticket To RidePenny Lane and Baby You Can Drive Me Car.

Ticket To Ride was included in  the Beatles movie Help and was the first Beatles song to be over 3 minutes long. This song was performed in Shea Stadium on August 15th 1965 and then on the Ed Sullivan Show on September 12th 1965. The scene during the song of the movie is when the fab four are skiing at the Swiss Alps. Some of the footage was used for the cover photo for Help the record album.

Penny Lane is about a bus station that was a central location for all the Beatles to meet when they needed to get somewhere in Liverpool. This bus station no longer exists.  There were some sexual references in this song that were intentional.  “Finger pie” and “Keep your fire engine clean are sexual slang terms.  For instrumentation there was no  guitar in this song. John Lennon played piano and George Harrison played the conga drum. This song was on the B side of the 1967 LP with A side Strawberry Fields Forever; and later as one of the songs on Magical Mystery Tour, the album.

In Drive My Car  the storyline is that  the song’s narrator is told by  a woman that she wants to be a movie star and offers  him to be  her chauffer. Paul McCartney said that  “Drive My Car” is a  blues euphemism for sex which is a  reference to the  pre-automatic  shift era of automobiles. Drive My Car was first performed  on October 13th 1965. It’s the opening song to the Beatles’ album Rubber Soul.

All songs in this medley are very fun to sing . Out of the three my favorite is  Ticket To Ride since I have seen the movie Help before and am most familiar with it. I am looking forward to performing this song in our concert.

Sources: Wikipedia  and songfacts.com

As told by Janine Leffler, edited by Matthew Smith


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