Christmas Around The World

For the next two weeks the songs I am featuring will be from the Christmas Around The World concert which was in 2012. This week’s song will be Coventry Carol and next week’s song will be Edelweiss from ONE of my favorite musicals The Sound Of Music. Originally I was supposed to analyze Carol From An Irish Cabin this week but I could not find any info about the song.

This concert was performed before I joined the chorus but I have listened to the recording. It is an English Carol from the 16th century. It is part of a mystery play that was performed in English Christmas pageants. While it is a beautiful piece of music the story behind it is very sad. It is about how King Herod ordered the deaths of thousands of children under the age of two to be killed in Bethlehem. It is meant to be a luallby that the mothers sing to their dying children. I can’t even begin to put myself in the place of the mothers in this song.. mostly because I do not have any children of my own yet but it definitely pulls at the heartstrings.
New England Brass also performed this song in our Christmas In The British Isles concert last year.

A recent version of this song was performed by Pentatonix.


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