I get to  talk to one of my favorite  movie musicals of all  time in this post and I am so excited.   I  first  saw the Sound Of Music when  I was 10 years old at  my   grandparents house… it  was first introduction  to  musical  movies.   Did you know that  the Von Trapps were a  real family of musicians?    I have been to the  Von Trapp  family  lodge in Stowe Vermont and it is such a fun place to go..  I really want to go back!   The  movie is actually based on the  memoir  of Maria Von Trapp which was published in  1947 after her   husband Georg’s   death.    Maria Von Trapp was portrayed on screen by   the great  Dame  Julie Andrews and Captain Von Trapp was played  by Christopher Plummer.    The stage musical premiered on Broadway  in the Lunt Fontaine  Theatre  on  November 16th, 1959 and the movie  premiered in 1965.  Mary  Martin   played  Maria Von Trapp and Captain Von Trapp was portrayed by  Theodore  Bikel.

MY favorite  songs from the Sound  Of Music  include    I  Have Confidence, 16  Going On 17, My Favorite Things,  Something Good and Do  Re  Mi.   The song I am  going to talk about today is Edelweiss.

First of  all what is Edelweiss?     It is a  flower  that is a  popular   flower in  Sweden and Austria.  It means  noble white in German,  This   flower  grows  high in the Alps.

This song is beautiful and I always thought it had  wonderful harmonies in  it.  SVC performed it in their  Christmas  Around The World concert in 2012.     This song was written for the  Sound Of Music because it was a good representation of  guitar playing and folk  singing.   It is sung    in the festival  performance scene  in  the  movie and musical.   The actor who  played  Georg in the musical was a good  guitar player so this song was well suited for him.   Sadly this was the last song that  Rodgers and Hammerstein  wrote together before Hammerstein died of cancer.


How is this song related to  Christmas and the holiday  season?  I wondered the same thing recently.   If you listen to the lyrics   it says  “Blossom of Snow may you bloom and glow?”   As I mentioned  Edelweiss means  Noble White in  German which makes perfect sense for the holiday season.      While  The Sound  Of Music is technically  not a holiday film    Edelweiss  and My Favorite Things are my favorite Christmas songs from that movie.


Sources: Wikkipedia and  Broadway  Musicals   The 101 Greatest Shows of  All Time




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