What Is This Feeling?

This week I am going to be analyzing   What Is  This Feeling? from Wicked,

Wicked  first premiered  on Broadway in  2003   and starred  India  Menzel as Elphaba and  Kristin  Cheonweth as Galinda.  It is  currently  still on  Broadway.  I do not  know who is playing the lead characters  though.

When  I think of this song  I  am immediately bought back to college when  I  met my roommate for the first time freshmen year. This is situation  that Glinda and  Elphaba   find themselves in at the beginning of the show.     In this song they are writing letters to their parents explaining  what their roommate is like.     I got along well with my  roommate but   at the first meeting    it does not look  like Elphaba and Glinda are going to get along.    I am  Glinda in this song and   it fun to explore that  character a little bit better.  Developing this character will be fun as  rehearsals for my cabaret  progress.   It is clear that they do not  like each other and that Elphaba  is different  from the rest of them. That is why the  other Shiz  students side with Galinda.     One thing   that I really love about Wicked is the growth that the  relationship  between  Glinda and Elphaba   grows and how the “unadulterated loathing” eventually  goes away.


I am very excited about my cabaret that I  am doing at work.      I am  also hoping to achieve  the girl of this performance  of the song  Angels  on  My Shoulder that Dan Wolaver composed for me.  I think it would be  a nice tribute to  Dan to perform it.     What Is This Feeling was  performed in  our spring concert ins 2016  Comedy tonight performed by  Kim Whitehead and Rachel Cerullo.



This post was originally supposed to be posted on November 21st but had to be moved up  a couple weeks due  to lack of information  provided on both  Flowers    In Winter and  Goin To Bethlehem to  do an analysis.   Next week’s analysis will be on  Have Yourself A  Merry Little Christmas




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