Mary, Did You Know?

As we are continuing to grasp about the early days of Christmas and know it was started, this song is more modern than some of the other songs for the season in the chorus. This piece was written by Buddy Greene and the lyrics were created by Mark Lowry. This debuted as a gospel piece by Michael English; an artist own for his Christian inspired music. It was when both Greene and Lowry were members of the Gaither Vocal Band in the early 1990s.

Other artists have used this piece such as Pentatonix and Jordan Smith. This sounds like a piece for artists to catch on, but there are a couple of points to explain. People have thought it lacks the scriptural or theological depth describing that Mary would not been asked about the birth of baby Jesus. The bible describes it more like Mary understood perfectly. Some others mention about this piece being a beautiful expression of the love of God. This song doesn’t have as much poetic license as some others; but the beat of 53 beats per minute have made this piece good for those who made it on top of the charts in the past.

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