Remaining Entries in the Songs Of Christmas Past Series

Wow!   It is   November  already. Hard to believe  that this semester has been flying  by so quick    I have missed everyone  this semester and  can’t wait until the concert which is just 1 month and  5 days away.    Matt and I will be back next semester.



I hope everyone has been enjoying my   Songs of Christmas Past  Blog series.  It has been fun  reviewing songs from   past   holiday concerts.   Unfortunately  in some cases  I have been  unable to find information on the songs we have sung.   Thus my posting schedule   this series has been changed.

Friday 11-9    Jingle  Bell Hallelujah

Friday 11-16      Bonus Analysis    40th Anniversary of Grease 

This was originally supposed to be  my analysis for  the  Top 40 Showcase in  June.  Unfortunately  the showcase was canceled due to  low ticket sales.   I have decided to   do this  analysis anyway  just for the fun of it.  I hope people will enjoy it.

No Entry  the week of Thanksgiving  due to Holiday Traveling

Friday 11-30   That’s Christmas To  Me

Friday 12-7  Happy XMAS  War  Is Over

Wednesday  12-19

Please note schedule  change!  This entry  will be posted on my Theatre Is My Life Blog as the  Milford and Souhegan High School    Holiday  Concerts will also be reviewed.



I would like to   take this opportunity  to wish everyone  a Happy Thanksgiving!  I am  a bit early.   I am especially thankful for all the   support this blog  has received  in its first and hope it will continue to be successful   in the years  to come.  We look forward to analyzing more music next semester.     For future  reference  it is looking likely that in  Fall 2019   we will be stepping away  from  doing this blog due to being busy with our  Commitment Ceremony and honeymoon.  We will make a final decision about this in August 2019. 


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