Happy XMas War Is Over

I have had a bit of a struggle finding  info on songs  I am supposed to analyze for my   Songs Of Christmas Past  Blog series thus my posting  schedule has had to be altered a few times.  This week’s song is an example… the song  I was supposed to analyze was   Jingle  Bell Hallejuah  but  due to lack of information  I have decided to  talk about  Happy   XMAS  War  Is Over   instead.



As I mentioned  last semester  when  I analyzed  the Ticket To Ride  Beatles  Medley  I was first introduced to the Beatles in college  thanks to a band that my friends from theatre had called  JFJ that did  Beatles cover songs.     Happy  XMAS  War  Is Over was released  1971 after the Beatles  had broken up.   John and  Yoko Ono formed their own  band.  This song was recorded with the Harlem Youth Choir.     I always thought this was a  beautiful   Christmas song.   It is one of my favorites.     SVC  performed this in our  Sounds of The Season  Concert in 2016.  Guest artists  for this song were Patrick  McCarty, the SHS  Acapella Choir and Jim  Summers on Guitar.   The audience was invited to sing along too which made  the performance extra special.   The harmonies were beautiful  which was made this song easily  the best song we sang in the whole concert.

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