That’s Christmas To Me

The bigger meaning of this piece by Pentatonix is the true meaning of Christmas which is family. As I get older I appreciate the spirit of the holidays and being surrounded by loved ones. That’s Christmas To Me is by far one of my favorite songs from any of the holiday concerts I have performed in over the past couple years. There are beautiful harmonies and melodies in it which gave it a nice blend. Solos in this piece were by Jackie Lowe. John Poetelle and Patrick McCarty.

As I prepare to open a new chapter in my performance career I would like to thank Souhegan Valley Chorus for all of the wonderful experiences they have given me over the years. In the coming year I will be exploring other performing opportunities in the Nashua area. With the recent relocation of my parents to Maine last fall Milford is quite a distance for me and Matt to travel and is not really local for us anymore.

Memories are lovely and we will hold them dear to us always.

This blog will no longer be active as of January 1st 2019.

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