Christmas Around The World

For the next two weeks the songs I am featuring will be from the Christmas Around The World concert which was in 2012. This week’s song will be Coventry Carol and next week’s song will be Edelweiss from ONE of my favorite musicals The Sound Of Music. Originally I was supposed to analyze Carol From An Irish Cabin this week but I could not find any info about the song.

This concert was performed before I joined the chorus but I have listened to the recording. It is an English Carol from the 16th century. It is part of a mystery play that was performed in English Christmas pageants. While it is a beautiful piece of music the story behind it is very sad. It is about how King Herod ordered the deaths of thousands of children under the age of two to be killed in Bethlehem. It is meant to be a luallby that the mothers sing to their dying children. I can’t even begin to put myself in the place of the mothers in this song.. mostly because I do not have any children of my own yet but it definitely pulls at the heartstrings.
New England Brass also performed this song in our Christmas In The British Isles concert last year.

A recent version of this song was performed by Pentatonix.


Blue Christmas

For the first installment of my Songs of Christmas Past Series I am going to be talking about Blue Christmas which was part of last year’s concert Christmas In The British Isles.
The original version of this song was performed by Doye O’Dell in 1948. It’s popularity was cemented eight years later in 1957 on Elvis Presley’s Christmas Album. Since that time numerous music groups have done covers of this song including The Beach Boys, Loretta Lynn, Martina McBride and Blake Shelton. In our performance Roger Hurd did an amazing solo.

Source for information: Wikipedia

40th Anniversary

Wow! This summer flew by quickly. Can’t believe that the Ice Cream Social is in a few weeks and looking forward to seeing everyone there.

This year is the 40th Anniversary Of SVC And In honor of the occasion I will be doing a special series Songs Of Christmas Past which will focus on songs from previous holiday concerts. Due to other engagements I will not be returning this semester to sing.

Here are the songs I’ll be analyzing

Blue Christmas Christmas In The British Isles

Carol From An Irish Cabin Christmas In The British Isles

Edelweiss Christmas Around The World

Flowers In Winter Sounds Of The Season

Goin To Bethlehem Sounds Of The Season

Hot Chocolate Christmas In Hollywood

Jingle Bell Hallelujah Ring Christmas Bells

That’s Christmas To Me Ring Christmas Bells

An Announcement.

Due to lack of ticket sales the  Showcase Concert on Saturday has been canceled.  I have  decided to forgo  doing  my  Grease Megamix Anaylsis and instead will do  an anaylsis of Cref  Volant.   I am also doing an analysis of  You Will Be Found  from Dear Evan Hansen.


If you’d like to help us with the blog next semester please let us know when  rehearsals  start again in September.


Thank you to everyone for all the support  in the first semester of this blog… we look forward to next semester and bringing you more analysis.

A Little Bit of an Interlude

Chorus is over for the semester.    The spring concert is in the  books.    While  I have some time off  in between the concert and  the Souhegan  Valley  Showcase on June 16th  I will analyze   two of the there songs  I will be singing  in my     Musical Theatre Cabaret which is at  Plus Company on   June  12th  both of which have been in previous concerts and showcases.    Matt   took some practice  videos of me  this afternoon and they are on Facebook if you want to  check them out and give me some feedback.


The first song  I am analyzing  is I Want The Good Times Back from The Little Mermaid.      This song was is in   Comedy Tonight spring concert in 2016 performed  by  Rachel Cerrulo ,  Naomi Cohen and Bryan Whittier.    In my  version  we will have  small eel ensemble along with Flotsam  and Jetsam.    One thing I found interesting   in the Little Mermaid musical that is different from the movie is  that Ursula and King Triton   are  brother  and sister.   This was not  mentioned in the movie and  Ursula is basically the villain.  I like  really   actually the story   arc  of  Ursula  and Triton   being siblings  because  I feel it adds more depth to their  characters.     I am having a lot of fun  capturing  the essence of   Ursula’s character and I hope   I do this song  justice in the cabaret.

The  second song  I am  doing is   I  Know  It’s Today   from Shrek  The Musical.  Techically  I cannot figure out if   DreamWorks is  related to Disney in some way.   What  I like about this song is how it really     captures the emotions of how Fiona  feels about being locked  up  in the tower for so long.  The comments  on the YouTube   video from the  Original broadway version of Shrek say that  Fiona is slowly  losing her sanity as the song goes along and that is clearly  evidenced by the time  listeners  get to the adult Fiona person on the song.   I am having  have an equal amount of fun   with   making  Fiona’s character my own in this piece.    Last year this song was performed in Broadway Showcase by   Kyra Whitehead,  Naomi  Cohen and our director  Jenn Erdody.


Shrek was by far one my  favorite shows that  I did with the PTA and  I will hold the memories  from it close to my heart always.



Since I did not  audition for the showcase this year my next post will focus on two top 40 songs that are from Grease in  honor of  the 40th anniversary of the  film.  I will  hold off on analyzing songs from the showcase until when I write my review since  I will have notes on certain performances  that  I liked by then. Stay tuned.

A revisiting of Omnia Sol

I wanted to  revisit  my first  analysis of  Omni Sol    Let Your Heart  Be Staid as to expand  upon my thoughts  on the piece and how can  I relate to it.

If you have read my recent post in my Theatre In My Life blog about  Adversity and how  I overcome it   in the end of last year and beginning of this year.   At a recent rehearsal before we sang this piece we were asked to think about a person or people in our lives in order  to have an emotional  connection to the piece.   Several people came to mind.. and also so  did the PTA play group.

Most people know about the drama that was centered around this year’s PTA Play The Little Mermaid.   The firing of the co-directors left a  house divided.   I almost  did not audition myself because of what happened but I am happy   I decided to audition.

Omnia Sol is a great song for graduation  because it is about  moving on  but never forgetting where you came from  and the people who helped build you.

How does the PTA Play  relate to SVC and why did  I choose to connect this to  Omni Sol?      Let me explain.

First of all  I have been involved in the PTA  Play since 2009 when  I did publicity for Peter Pan.  I knew  many people from the group because my mother and sister were involved in the plays when  I was in high school and my sister was an Indian Dancer in Peter Pan.  I  auditioned for the  play two years  later when they did The Music Man.  Everyone was so welcoming  and supportive of me as  I was mostly a beginning performer.  Many people who do the plays or who have  done the plays in the past also are in SVC  with me so that’s how the two groups are connected.

Omnia  Sol  starts off  “Somewhere far from  nowhere  I grew both strong and tall longing to become  but knowing not the path at all.”

This is how I felt  when  I first  auditioned for The Music Man and over the years there have been  many people from the plays who  I give credit to for my growth as a performer… the list could go on  and on but listing all those names would make this post far longer than it needs to be.   The Little Mermaid  was   my  7th show with the PTA and  I  am thinking that because  of  what happened earlier  on in the process it will probably  be my last show.

“One last embrace before I cross the Threshold..To  Life we sing!”

As I stated in my other post about adversity  right now I am still  deciding  what I am going to do  next as  I decide to move on from doing the PTA Plays.   I have several options to consider  including  Manchester Community Theatre Players.  I  am hoping to audition  for their fall show in July.  Other than that  I am not really sure what  I am going to do.  I have a  while to think about it.     Wedding planning is my top priority now.


This song is a truly beautiful piece and  I have enjoyed singing it.  It has been one of my favorite songs this semester.


For reference the link to my other blog post is above.






April Analyses

I am  back  after my  hiatus from  Little Mermaid.   Thank you for everyone for coming to the show. I hope that you enjoyed it.   Please let me know if you’d like to review it for my Theatre Is My Life Blog.



My final song analyses  of this semester’s songs  are 2 Poems Of Emily  Dickinson and  Danny Boy.  When  we  first received our music and I noticed that   2 Poems Of Emily Dickinson was written by  Neil Ginsberg.  The wheels started turning in my head because  I knew  I recognized the name from somewhere.    As it turns out  Neil is a former co-worker of mine.   I worked with him and his wife Michelle Tattenbaum at  the New London Barn Playhouse in New London NH  as part of a college internship.   Once I made this discovery  I was ecstatic. I  am so excited so be singing one of Neil’s pieces this semester and totally hope we can do  the piece justice.    2 Poems  Of  Emily Dickinson has been   so much fun to sing.  It comprised of 2 songs   There Is No Frigate  Like A Book and  I Never Saw  A Moor.

Danny  Boy  is an   Irish folksong that  has the mood of  a funeral march.   It is very  powerful and emotional.  I can really feel the  emotions of the person who wrote the song and  how they feel about their loved one singing when I am singing it.  I am the same way when I am singing  Carrickfergus.