A revisiting of Omnia Sol

I wanted to  revisit  my first  analysis of  Omni Sol    Let Your Heart  Be Staid as to expand  upon my thoughts  on the piece and how can  I relate to it.

If you have read my recent post in my Theatre In My Life blog about  Adversity and how  I overcome it   in the end of last year and beginning of this year.   At a recent rehearsal before we sang this piece we were asked to think about a person or people in our lives in order  to have an emotional  connection to the piece.   Several people came to mind.. and also so  did the PTA play group.

Most people know about the drama that was centered around this year’s PTA Play The Little Mermaid.   The firing of the co-directors left a  house divided.   I almost  did not audition myself because of what happened but I am happy   I decided to audition.

Omnia Sol is a great song for graduation  because it is about  moving on  but never forgetting where you came from  and the people who helped build you.

How does the PTA Play  relate to SVC and why did  I choose to connect this to  Omni Sol?      Let me explain.

First of all  I have been involved in the PTA  Play since 2009 when  I did publicity for Peter Pan.  I knew  many people from the group because my mother and sister were involved in the plays when  I was in high school and my sister was an Indian Dancer in Peter Pan.  I  auditioned for the  play two years  later when they did The Music Man.  Everyone was so welcoming  and supportive of me as  I was mostly a beginning performer.  Many people who do the plays or who have  done the plays in the past also are in SVC  with me so that’s how the two groups are connected.

Omnia  Sol  starts off  “Somewhere far from  nowhere  I grew both strong and tall longing to become  but knowing not the path at all.”

This is how I felt  when  I first  auditioned for The Music Man and over the years there have been  many people from the plays who  I give credit to for my growth as a performer… the list could go on  and on but listing all those names would make this post far longer than it needs to be.   The Little Mermaid  was   my  7th show with the PTA and  I  am thinking that because  of  what happened earlier  on in the process it will probably  be my last show.

“One last embrace before I cross the Threshold..To  Life we sing!”

As I stated in my other post about adversity  right now I am still  deciding  what I am going to do  next as  I decide to move on from doing the PTA Plays.   I have several options to consider  including  Manchester Community Theatre Players.  I  am hoping to audition  for their fall show in July.  Other than that  I am not really sure what  I am going to do.  I have a  while to think about it.     Wedding planning is my top priority now.


This song is a truly beautiful piece and  I have enjoyed singing it.  It has been one of my favorite songs this semester.






For reference the link to my other blog post is above.







April Analyses

I am  back  after my  hiatus from  Little Mermaid.   Thank you for everyone for coming to the show. I hope that you enjoyed it.   Please let me know if you’d like to review it for my Theatre Is My Life Blog.



My final song analyses  of this semester’s songs  are 2 Poems Of Emily  Dickinson and  Danny Boy.  When  we  first received our music and I noticed that   2 Poems Of Emily Dickinson was written by  Neil Ginsberg.  The wheels started turning in my head because  I knew  I recognized the name from somewhere.    As it turns out  Neil is a former co-worker of mine.   I worked with him and his wife Michelle Tattenbaum at  the New London Barn Playhouse in New London NH  as part of a college internship.   Once I made this discovery  I was ecstatic. I  am so excited so be singing one of Neil’s pieces this semester and totally hope we can do  the piece justice.    2 Poems  Of  Emily Dickinson has been   so much fun to sing.  It comprised of 2 songs   There Is No Frigate  Like A Book and  I Never Saw  A Moor.

Danny  Boy  is an   Irish folksong that  has the mood of  a funeral march.   It is very  powerful and emotional.  I can really feel the  emotions of the person who wrote the song and  how they feel about their loved one singing when I am singing it.  I am the same way when I am singing  Carrickfergus.

The Whistling Gypsy

It’s been a good three months since the beginning of the chorus season. The songs we have been practicing have been a little difficult, yet can be fun once you can understand the rhythm. Think of how we all have conquered Take the A Train, when John Potelle decided he wanted to try to scat solo. I have been discovering how some of the songs that have come from the Isles made it to America. I hope you have been with me on this journey as I have been able to discuss these songs. Today I am going to discuss The Whistling Gypsy.

I want to first say that I will be happy to try out for the solo audition the next practice. I thought since my mother has been into Irish Music and her fiddle for twenty-five years, it would be a pleasure for me to be a soloist during the upcoming concert. This song was created Leo Maguire in the 1950’s in Ireland, and since then it has been sung by several artists, and was used in the film The Black Knight, after Leo recreated the lyrics.

This version of the Whistling Gypsy is made for four-part chorus, and includes Baritone, solo, piano, and guitar accompaniment. There are five verses, which will have three soloists, the main-storyteller, the father, and the female parts. The whistling part adds flavor to the mix of the chorus singing the Ah-de-do part. The song is about a woman who runs off to be with a gypsy, who is originated from the Romanians, or an ethnic tribe living in Europe or America. Once we sing the song in the chorus concert, it should put the audience into perspective about the life of Ireland, and how most of Americans living in the Eastern United States came from our ancestors from Europe, such as the gypsy in this song.

Looking for Contributors

Hi Everyone,

Wow! This semester   has really flow by  quickly.     Matt and  I are looking  for some  help with the blog as we head into the  Showcase and  Fall Semester.     We have   had a lot of fun  analyzing the music this semester.  If you are   auditioning for showcase and  would like to analyze your song  or songs please let us know.  We’d also really like some feedback on   how you’ve  liked what we’ve been doing and what we can improve.  It would be much appreciated.


Thanks    for following!  We hope you’ve been  enjoying  our  insights in to the music that we’ve been singing in SVC.


OH   BTW  get your tickets for  Little Mermaid. You won’t want to miss  this show.    We have a fantastic cast.  Sonya,  Michelle and I are in it.  It’s been a blast.  I will be sad to see this show end. especially because it might be my  last PTA play.

Ticket to Ride

I am only 32 years old but I suppose you could call me an old soul since I am a huge fan of the Beatles.  I credit my friends in college who had a Beatles Cover Band  JFJ  (their names are  Jimmy Ford and Jake)  for introducing me to the music of The Beatles.    I think that  so far this semester my favorite song we are singing in chorus has been the Ticket To Ride Beatles  Medley which includes Ticket To RidePenny Lane and Baby You Can Drive Me Car.

Ticket To Ride was included in  the Beatles movie Help and was the first Beatles song to be over 3 minutes long. This song was performed in Shea Stadium on August 15th 1965 and then on the Ed Sullivan Show on September 12th 1965. The scene during the song of the movie is when the fab four are skiing at the Swiss Alps. Some of the footage was used for the cover photo for Help the record album.

Penny Lane is about a bus station that was a central location for all the Beatles to meet when they needed to get somewhere in Liverpool. This bus station no longer exists.  There were some sexual references in this song that were intentional.  “Finger pie” and “Keep your fire engine clean are sexual slang terms.  For instrumentation there was no  guitar in this song. John Lennon played piano and George Harrison played the conga drum. This song was on the B side of the 1967 LP with A side Strawberry Fields Forever; and later as one of the songs on Magical Mystery Tour, the album.

In Drive My Car  the storyline is that  the song’s narrator is told by  a woman that she wants to be a movie star and offers  him to be  her chauffer. Paul McCartney said that  “Drive My Car” is a  blues euphemism for sex which is a  reference to the  pre-automatic  shift era of automobiles. Drive My Car was first performed  on October 13th 1965. It’s the opening song to the Beatles’ album Rubber Soul.

All songs in this medley are very fun to sing . Out of the three my favorite is  Ticket To Ride since I have seen the movie Help before and am most familiar with it. I am looking forward to performing this song in our concert.

Sources: Wikipedia  and songfacts.com

As told by Janine Leffler, edited by Matthew Smith

Take The “A” Train

As we begin spring, it’s good that most places in New England are becoming more green with less snow since we’ve been having warmer temperatures. We were fortunate not to have the snow that New York city got. It’s where you could go anywhere anytime in the city that never sleeps, by a number of different modes of transportation. One of the most popular is by subway, and that relates to the next song from our chorus that I would like to describe.

The song is called Take The A Train. It was written during the glory days of jazz music, and composed by Duke Ellington, after he met a shy delivery boy from Philadelphia named Billy Strayhorn. His thoughts about taking the subway to get to East Harlem inspired him to write this music piece. Their friendship and love of jazz combined gave them the courage from this song, because the A Train was known of all the subway rails in New York City to be at the bottom of the pack.

The song itself has a mixture of harmony and rhythm combined into a festive piece with scatting. It’s a little hard when the song is going at a fast pace, especially with the scat in the middle, but it’s sound fun once you can blend your own voice with the rest of the chorus. I found even though I am still learning how to sing the scat, I can feel good when I can sing next to the bass section.

Posting Schedule Update

Hi Everyone-

Janine here  with another posting schedule update.  I will be taking a  couple weeks off from posting  due to  Little Mermaid Tech Week approaching.

3/21   Under The Sea and  Black The Color   Of My True Love’s Hair

The entry on  Under The Sea is going to be  on my Theatre Is My Life  blog

3/28  Take The  A-Train and Ticket To Ride

Janine  on two week posting Hiatus for Little Mermaid Tech Week

4/11 The Whistling Gypsy

4/18  2 Poems Of Emily Dickinson & Danny Boy

4.25  I Want The Good Times Back and Cerf Volant

May 3rd  Margaritaville Matt    SVC Showcase audition analysis

Due to being too busy with  Little Mermaid  Sonya Amanda and I  decided not to do the Showcase audition.  I will be analyzing a song from last year’s showcase in place of Someday We’ll Be Together.